Our Story

The funny thing about us is that we do not remember a time in our lives where we did not know each other. Ever since we were toddlers, we have been around each other. Our families are close friends, so we have always been very comfortable around one another. It wasn't until high school when we really began to hang out. We became pretty inseparable on the weekends. In fact, one weekend I convinced Josh to go dumpster diving with me for coupons. I knew when he said yes we had a special relationship.

Either of us will tell you that I was the one who started liking Josh first. We joke about it now, but it was quite awhile before he got the memo. Eventually, Josh finally realized that he liked me too. Now we were in high school at the time, so neither of us did anything about it. So we pretty much dated for my junior year/his senior year but never said anything about it. I even went/invited myself to his senior prom! Finally, we decided that we were officially dating the summer before Josh started college at Tennessee Tech.

We dated almost that entire year but ended up breaking up the summer before I went off to Samford. We were broken up for almost a year and a half before we started talking again. However, although we were broken up, we never got over one another. During that time, Josh co-oped for a company in Maryville, Tennessee and I began my sophomore year of college. We ended up getting back together the winter of 2014 and have been together ever since.

In the next two years Ellie and I got to experience so many things we could not have imagined. In this time, I got to explore Birmingham with Ellie and attend her sorority functions. Ellie also got to experience new things like my weekends on the lake and my new found love of running marathons. We've traveled to Chicago, Auburn, the beach, and even met up in Italy!

I proposed on November 11, 2016. Supposedly we were on the way to a restaurant in Nashville, but I said that I needed to drop off my roommate's laptop on the way. We pulled up to a Christmas tree farm, and immediately Ellie knew that I was going to propose. We walked through trees lined with plaques marking significant dates in our relationship. We turned a corner and there sat huge scrabble letters spelling out Marry Me. We have become avid Scrabble players in our time together. In fact, later Ellie told me that she had always pictured me proposing in some way with Scrabble but never told me that. I had decorated Christmas trees with various pictures of us and letters that we had sent to one another. Ellie of course said yes and here we are preparing to get married!

We are so excited to have you as a part of our wedding and our story!

Couple Photo